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Meet our Mushrooms

King Blue Oyster mushroom

Blue Oyster

The Swiss Army knife of the mushrooms. Super meaty texture paired with a balanced and clean umami flavor. Starting from the cap, Blue oyster shreds apart easily to add heartiness to a meal! The perfect base to replace shredded chicken or pulled pork.

(Pleurotus ostreatus)

Italian Browns

(Pleurotus pulmonarius)

Super savory and tender, a personal favorite to use in recipes that call for regular store bought mushrooms. Italian Browns always add in the most amazing umami into meals, almost gravy-like!

Italian Browns oyster Mushroom in a ladle
Lions Mane mushroom with tomato and avacado

Lions Mane

(Hericium erinaceus)

Crab cakes, Lobster Rolls, steak?

Is that really a mushroom?
Yep! Its Lions Mane, Those that are familiar with its supplemental properties, prepare to be amazed again by the culinary prowess of this mushroom!

Shred it into crab cakes or lobster rolls, or cut it into fillets and make a meaty mushroom steak!

Gold Oyster

(Pleurotus citrinopileatus)

Highly aromatic, when raw Gold Oyster has floral notes and an easy chew. Once heat is applied, this mushroom crisps easily and develops a slightly nutty flavor to add into its umami-ness!
Gold Oyster does have a shorter shelf-life, so be sure to enjoy it before the first week finishes.

Yellow Oyster Mushroom
Chestnut mushroom


(Pholiota adiposa)

Chestnuts develop a great crisp texture due to a unique form of fiber this mushroom contains. Its flavor profile is nutty and woodsy. This mushroom is amazing in alfredos, pastas and more, anything you would love to add a savory spin.

Ensure this mushroom stays cool and dry during storage in the refrigerator for proper shelf life. 

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