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How Often Do You Worm Kid Goats

Feb 14, 2011CoRid must be dose UNDILUTED at 2.5 cc per 10 lbs (yep, no kidding) to do anything for cocci. As far as worming, I begin my kids on a monthly program at 4 weeks old, and deworm them every month til they're a year old. Stomach worms are their deadliest in the first year - and since I know I have them in my soil, I don't take any chances.

  • Related Posts: What Horse Wormer Can You Use On Dogs There are a variety of horse wormers on the market but not all of them are safe for dogs. When choosing a horse wormer be sure to read the label Can I Deworm A Pregnant Goat Deworming is an important part of any livestock health program, but pregnant goats require special consideration. There are a variety of.

  • May 01, 2018May 01, 2018. All goats have worms. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The worms stimulate the goat's immune system so that the goat is able to fight off the worms and keep them from proliferating. Goats experience a worm problem when the worm count grows so that the worm burden is more than the goat's immune system can handle.

  • Sep 15, 2014But the biggest factor affecting how often you worm is the parasite resistance of your herd. When we started off, we wormed about 4 times a year (and lost a lot of goats anyway). Thanks to a lot of hard culling, now we only have to worm one (or in wet years two) times a year.

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